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This paper aims investigating the effect of using probing questions on student’s achievement in the college of Arts, department pf Arabic language in the subject of syntax

To achieve the goal of this study researcher hypothesizes that: there is no significant differences at the level of (0,5) between the average marks of the students who study syntax using probing questions method and those who use the ordinary method.

The sample of the study contains (59) students (male and female) of the fourth class, department of Arabic, collage of Arts, University of AhlulBait (pbot). The sample is classified into two groups. The first group, the experiment group, contains (30) students (male and female) studied syntax using the probing questions method. The second group contains (29) students (male and female) studied syntax using the ordinary method.

The researcher balanced the members of the tow group in variables which may influence the results of the experiment such as the age of the student and the academic obtaining of both parents.

The researcher prepared a post test in syntax, and ensure its validity and reliability, after studying the subjects that the students study in the fourth year in the department of Arabic.

The researcher conducted the post test on both groups and he used the T. test formula to analyses the achievements of the students. The researcher found that students of the experimental group got higher obtains than that of the other group.

The researcher recommend the necessity of using the probing questions method in teaching syntax and teachers must be trained on using probing questions method.